Apple Pay

    Apple Pay now available in Australia. Mostly.

    So having an iPhone or Watch is fairly common here in Australia and one feature that has never been utilised is the Near Field Communication ( NFC ) antenna that can work like the RFID chip used for PayPass on your credit card. The idea is quite simple; you can use your iPhone to make payments at contactless points of sale and also in iOS apps and webapps.

    As CNET reported back in August there have been delays getting this of the ground as Apple andAustralian banks have been negotiating who gets what cut of the fees and for this reason it it is currently only available for AmEx cards. I did however have a quick chat today with my contact at eWay ( we shamelessly stole their image too ) about Visa and MasterCard and they are expected to be on board shortly but we are yet to get a launch date.

    What does this mean for your business?

    If you are using contactless POS already ( PayPass ) then making sure you are ready to go with Apple Pay makes good sense: whilst Android has grown in popularity, and thus we’ve seen a slip in iOS market share in recent years, Apple still has more than a one third market share ( SMH ). If one third of your customers have an iPhone, being ready to accept Apple Pay makes a lot of sense.

    When Apple Pay starts to take off it will also work in iOS Apps.

    Another consideration is for those of you who are running online only stores. When Apple Pay starts to take off it will also work in iOS Apps. If you have regular returning customers it is not too difficult to create a web-app that allows them to make purchases within that app using Apple Pay as a main part of the payment gateway. There are more details around how this works than what I’m covering in this article but certainly some food for thought – the easier it is for your clients to make a payment the more likely it is that they will.