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    Google Speed Test

    One of the great maladies of the twenty-first century is that we all have a greatly reduced attention span and when we’re looking for a service online this is more significant than ever. According to a Google AdWords report from last year more people than ever are using mobiles to find what they want and online and in fact the number of mobile searches now out weighs the number of desktop searches in a growing number of countries. When we combine these two facts it is apparent that having a mobile friendly site that loads fast and performs well is becoming increasingly important. In fact if a site doesn’t display well on mobile then a user is five times more likely to leave than when using a desktop.

    Did you know that nine out of ten people will leave a mobile website if they can’t find what they’re looking for right away?

    So how do you know if your site performs well on mobile platforms? Well aside from the obvious of viewing the site on various platforms and in various browsers Google has now released a new tool that enables you to run a quick and easy speed and performance test on your site. The test measures your site for mobile friendliness as well as desktop and laptop load speeds scored out of 100. Once you have performed the test you can then request more detailed report which will rate a number of factors such as minified JS/CSS and render blocking Javascript above the fold.

    One thing that is worth mentioning is that if your site is hosted in Australia we are currently ranked 46th for internet speeds so we’d all be hard up to get a top notch ranking. Even my brothers old HTML with hardly any resources and no Javascript only gets an 87/100 for load time speed, so keep that in mind when running this test.