Gurini Stonemason

A single page site with strong images and a modern design

“Stone has the ability to add a lot of character and authenticity. There is a natural beauty and timelessness about stone – There can be magic when it works together with overall design elements to enhance furniture or finishings.”

The Brief

Alex Gurini is a second generation stonemason from the Italian village of Valtellina. With this rich connection to the traditions of European stonemasonry combined with a contemporary flair for design, class and elegance our job was to showcase the work of Gurini Stonemason in a single page site that highlights Alex’s craftsmanship.

The site was required to perform well with a number of high quality images adding to a considerable payload for what is otherwise a small website.


Single Page Website

Clean & Elegant Design

Showcase Portfolio

High performance from large images


Working alongside Alex’s wife, graphic designer Deborah Sosio, we drew upon classic and modern design elements. This works to present a master craftsman with a strong traditional connection to the history of European stonemasonry and bringing that craft into the contemporary world of modern home building and design.

Looking at the beautiful photos of Alex’s work we realised that one of the main roles of the design of this website was to take a step back and create a platform on which the portfolio can take the lead. Some care and consideration was required to layout the images to maintain the flow in the image grid and add interest with a small selection of colour images.

Gurini Stonemasonry mobile view

WordPress Development

As a single page website Gurini Stonemason was focussed around the portfolio. With a number of high resolution images and the beauty of the detail in the stone we extended the portfolio into a second page and applied a few subtle tricks to keep the images as small as possible without impacting quality and kept the page pay load down to 3.4MB.

Utilising the Content Distribution Network on our server meant we were able to get the page load time down to an impressive 1.1 seconds to first meaningful paint.

The header section of the site required a little extra attention for responsive design to ensure the contact details and menu always played together nicely.

Gurini Stonemason placement

The Outcome

The Gurini Stonemason website has delivered on all of the client’s requirements and performs well upon all benchmark tests. The design is clean, minimal and yet elegant and representative of the classic look of Alex’s stonemasonry work. The photos that showcase the work load fast and the server delivers content in the top 5 percentile.


Thank you for the amazing job you’ve done on my website, I’m so in love with the whole thing.
Again, thank you for the amazing job you’ve done.

Alessandro Gurini
Gurini Stonemason