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Premium WordPress Hosting

Blue Kelpie offer Premium WordPress Hosting on our dedicated server with WP Engine enterprise partner support. When choosing a provider for our web hosting we chose the best solution available to our clients: fast, scalable, secure and highly available.

Fast web hosting creates a better user experience for visitors to your site but it also helps your site to rank higher in search results.

Our dedicated server lives in the Google Data Centre in Sydney and serves up your website fast via a Content Distribution Network (CDN) from localised Edge servers across the world. This means pages load just as fast in Perth as they do in Sydney. We also make use of WP Engine’s proprietary EverCache technology to maximise page speed performance.

We take site performance very seriously and endeavour to make your site load as fast possible.

When making changes to your site it is often best to work on a staging environment before pushing the changes through to your live site. This minimises down time and prevents awkward moments as design elements change and move around in your site. Our hosting offers one click staging site set up and deployment as well as development and live environments. For a more streamlined development process and increased productivity we provide an SSH gateway and Git integration.

Your website is your company’s greatest marketing asset; all other marketing material leads customers back to your website. It is critical that this asset is well maintained and secure. Our web hosting includes an SSL certificate to provide a secure browsing experience for your site visitors. 30 days of backups and real-time security threat detection give peace of mind that your site is safe and WP Engine managed patches and updates helps keep your site up to date.

The performance of your website is dependent on the server that offers up the content and when deciding what system to provide our clients we chose the solution we judge to be the best in the business.

WP Engine is a leading force in WordPress hosting utilising the same data centres as Amazon in Australia and used by leading tech companies around the world like AMD, Asana, Soundcloud, Yoast and Yelp.